Our Mission

The Southwest Georgia Project (SWGAP) was originally begun in 1961 as a project of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in Southwest Georgia when SNCC sent student Charles Sherrod to engage residents and coordinate activities for the Civil Rights Movement.

Throughout its history, the organization has been an advocate for social justice through grassroots community organizing among adults and youth to register and educate voters, organize local advocacy groups for social justice, and create jobs through the establishment of cooperative food based businesses and strengthening academic and leadership skills among youth.

Recent Activities

SWGAP has been successful in organizing the community to address such issues as school desegregation, welfare rights, voter rights and education, unfair policies effecting school children and families, housing, land loss by African Americans, and economic development. In more recent years, the Southwest Georgia Project successfully organized youth programs in the city of Albany that used local residents to serve as Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA). Additionally, SWGAP has connected small farmers the Dougherty County School System and increased our agriculture program.

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